Monday, March 22

Historic Changes to Cheeky History

Cheeky History will be changing formats and publishers soon. 

We will be moving from "Blogger" to Substack. We will be published in an email "newsletter" format instead of a web log format. This will give us more options and control over our content and hopefully give you a better and more convenient reading experience.
We'll let you know with an announcement here when we are ready to make the switch. 

Comment below or send an email to "cheekyhistory at" if you would like to learn more about the transition or be kept up to date about when this will happen.

If you subscribe here on an RSS feed we are unaware of your email address or identity. Same thing if you "follow" us here. So please drop us a note if you want to be invited to the new site.

In the meantime you may continue to enjoy the archives here for a limited time.

Thank you so much for your past readership.

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  1. Definitely keep me in the loop, please!


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