Saturday, July 11

History has Been Canceled Until Further Notice

By Grant Davies

On this day in 2020, give or take a few weeks, a small but well organized group of thugs tried to erase all the history of the US.

A majority of the citizens of the country and many of the politicians and elected officials of the country did nothing to stop them. Some even encouraged them.

In the end history will survive even if it's incorrect history. Since most history is incorrect anyway most people will not notice this in a few years.

Even though the history found on this site is probably correct, those thugs have been thus far uninterested in erasing it. I guess they realize that I have several readers instead of millions.

But mainly they were too busy looting and burning to pay attention to it. And many are illiterate so they don't bother if it's like, um, you know, words and stuff. Unless it's a statue of a person they never heard of they just can't be bothered.

But this site is all about having some fun anyway, not portraying serious events like the erasure of history.

I just wonder, are we having fun yet?


  1. The truly scary part is that with so much reading being done with electronic devices, editing our history books is a snap. "with liberty and justice for all" can become "liberty for the elite" and in short period of time no one (except us old folks) will know it is false. The fears raised in "1984" have become reality and "Fahrenheit 451" will not even be necessary.

  2. Not really funny, boo boo, but definitely true. I even saw a recent picture of a dumpster bin full of history texts from a school.

  3. I'm having a ball. I'm glad you're still around.


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