Wednesday, April 17

Don't Let Stubby Bite You in the Ass

Stubby was very fond of dogs.
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By Grant Davies

On this day (give or take a few),  in 1918, an American soldier was wounded in a WWI battle. It was during a raid to take the town of Schieprey that he was hit in the leg with shrapnel from a grenade thrown by a retreating German soldier. The soldier in question was a sergeant, known affectionately by his fellows as "Stubby."

Stubby had quite an interesting career in the war. At different times during his 18 months at war he participated in seventeen battles on the front.

 He  was gassed by the enemy, and although he recovered, he never forgot the smell of the poison or the sound of the shells as they came in. Everyone who served with him knew he had greatly enhanced senses of hearing and smell. So when he warned of a surprise mustard gas attack, they paid close attention.

Stubby was also very good at finding and giving comfort to his wounded comrades out in "No man's land." But his most impressive feat was when he caught a German spy single-handedly.

It was during the battle of Meuse-Argonne in September, 1918, when he spotted  the spy mapping the American trenches. The spy tried to deceive him and pass by unnoticed, but ole Stubby wasn't fooled. When the German finally gave up the ruse and fled into the forest, Stubby, who could outrun almost any other soldier, ran him down. During the brief scuffle Stubby did what he had to do...he bit him in the ass! That's right, and he wouldn't let go until other soldiers caught up and subdued the scoundrel. It made the front page of almost every major newspaper back in the states.

So Stubby was famous. And when he returned to his beloved US as a hero he was honored by President Woodrow Wilson. Later he was also to meet Warren G Harding and Calvin Coolidge at the White House. He was given free rooms at the finest hotels, and lifetime memberships in the American Legion, the Red Cross, and the YMCA.

Starting in 1921, he was featured during halftimes at Georgetown University football games. He basically invented the halftime shows we enjoy today. Quite a guy that Stubby.

He was also invited to the Smithsonian Institute so people could see what he looked like, and he hangs out there everyday... to this very day. Yes, he's old, but he looks the same as he did back then. You see, they liked him so much they had him stuffed and put on display.

Stubby was after all... a dog.

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