Friday, November 9

Something New at Cheeky History

We apologize for the lack of new stories here for the last week. A few are in the process of being written and lots of new sources for fresh stories are being researched. But the main reason is that we have been working on a new feature for the site.

It's the new Cheeky Gift Shop! We wanted to roll it out before the holiday season slipped away and you readers lost a chance to get that cool little gift for someone on your list without spending a bunch of your hard earned dough.

We are offering some coffee mugs and other drinking vessels with our fun little Cheeky History picture on them. They are great for stocking stuffers and grab bag gifts. They are easy to order and easy on the gift budget. 

So check them out on the tab above so you or someone on your list can sip some coffee or one of your other favorite beverages while reading our cool little stories every day. 

There's even a beer stein if you do your reading in the evening. That way you can be as dizzy while reading our stuff as we are while writing it.

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