Friday, July 20

Sporadic Posting

The editor of this site will be taking a short research sabbatical. Hopefully we can find lots of interesting new stories to share with you on our return to regular publication.

Other topics of research will be:
  • The relative differences in various types and brands of beer and ale.
  • How many golf balls need to be struck on the practice range in order to produce lower scores.
  • How many fish can swim by in absolute safety while a fisherman sitting in the boat just above them  drinks himself seriously stupid.
  • What makes a normal restaurant into a "Supper Club" when it does business anywhere north of Madison, Wisconsin. 
In the mean time, please enjoy the usual terrific posts by Art Cashin which unfortunately will only be published as intermittent internet access allows. Or use the archives on the sidebar to catch up on stories you may have missed.

We'll be back soon, so please don't lose interest. If you sign up to receive updates by email or in a reader you'll be sure to know when publication returns to a more regular schedule.

Thanks for supporting Cheeky History!  

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