Sunday, July 1

A Banner Day for Death

Image by Stu Mortimer
By Grant Davies

On this day in history an unusually large number of people killed each other for a variety of reasons. Here are just a few of the more well known events.

We can be certain there were a lot more that were never recorded or were rapidly forgotten.

  • 1690: The Battle of the Boyne.
  • 1862: The Battle of Malvern Hill
  • 1863 : The Battle of Gettysburg begins.
  • 1898 : The Battle of San Juan Hill.
  • 1916 : Battle of the Somme begins.
  • 1942 : The Battle of El Alamein begins
  • 1966 : Bombing of North Vietnam continues.

War is sometimes necessary, but the causes of it are always stupid. So if you are tempted to go to war with someone today, just say to yourself, "Nah, this is stupid" and go drink a cold beer.

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