Tuesday, February 21

Karl and Fred and Moldy Bread

By Grant Davies

On this day in 1848, a pamphlet was published in London by a group of Germans to proclaim that one group of people in society would in the end rise up and do away with all other groups.

The pamphlet was authored by two men who never did a lick of work in their lives but claimed to speak for the "workers" of the world. The main writer, a guy name Karl, was the son of a wealthy Lutheran  lawyer who had previously been a Jew. His sidekick was a guy named Fred and together they decided they knew what ailed mankind and how to fix it. After traveling to, and then getting kicked out of both France and Belgium for stirring up the locals, they went back to Germany which was in the general vicinity of where they came from in the first place.

In the end they stirred up most of the world and became a pain in the ass to humanity in general. They named their creative writing the "Communist Manifesto" and after a bunch of other envious dimwits signed on to its ideas, it later became the blueprint for violent upheaval in lots of places. Over time it caused the death and misery of hundreds of millions of people in Russia and a few other unfortunate places around the globe. Even today some people think it's a good idea that no one owns anything, everyone owns everything, and governments filled with geniuses should be in charge of it all.

So, that's how two guys named Marx and Engels screwed up the world. But at least somebody made a little money after the whole bad idea collapsed by selling tee shirts that said "Bad Spellers of the World Untie" on the front.

It just goes to show that capitalism wins out in the end.


  1. Don't bother with the blogs enjoy your vacation

    1. Jim, mind your own bidness. Sounds like you want to be one of the ones in charge.

  2. Great stuff, looking forward to see what you cook up here going forward :)

  3. Thanks! There is a new one up already.


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