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If you have a related blog and would like to swap links we would be interested in doing so.

Please contact us at CheekyHistory @ gmail dot com for details.

If you enjoy the stories here it is very kind if you share them on social media or send links to your friends.

Another important way to show appreciation is to comment on posts. If they suck you can express that in the comments section too. Writers live for feedback. At least this one does.

A tip jar to encourage more frequent posts.

 Many thanks to those who tip to show appreciation for our efforts. If you do I shall purchase a nice craft beer. If you tip more I shall buy my proofreader one as well.

Some people donate a small amount once in a while. They are cool people and I really appreciate it no matter how small the donation. Other people are simply freeloaders. I tell better stories than your bartender and you don't stiff him or her do you? C'mon sucka, drop it!

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